Who is Troy Anthony Smith?

Troy Anthony Smith is a dynamic speaker, pastor, and best selling author who believes fully in demonstrating the power of God in everyday life. Ordained into the ministry by Pastor Benny Hinn, Pastor Troy has held dynamic healing services in Los Angeles, New York, London, Australia, India, Kenya, and South Africa to name a few. Whether it is inside a church in Sri Lanka, or on the street corners of Brooklyn, NY, signs and wonders are a normal occurrence for Pastor Troy.

While working as a music industry executive in 2005, the Lord interrupted his life in a ‘Paul on Damascus’ moment, in which he totally surrendered to the plan and purpose for his life. For the next 2 years he lived a life of complete devotion to God, praying and reading the Bible for about 6 hours each day. Shortly afterward, Troy realized the anointing of God was on his life, as he was asked to lead a 6am prayer service at his local church in Atlanta. At this 6am prayer service, amazing and unusual miracles would take place. After seeing such healing miracles inside the church, he began to practice outside the walls of the church. He began to see the power of God show up, as these same healing miracles would manifest in the grocery stores, shopping malls, and street corners. At his workplace, coworkers would come during their lunchbreaks to receive the dynamic healing power of God.

Shortly afterward, the Holy Spirit directed Troy to move from Atlanta to Los Angeles, to demonstrate the power of God on a larger scale and train others how to do the same thing. Since his arrival, the miracles have begun to explode, as almost everyday, lives are transformed by the power of God and new team members are being trained how to operate in the power of Holy Spirit. Each week services are held in Los Angeles on Sunday mornings, and healings and miracles of people encountering the power of God are filmed live in action throughout the week, across the globe. Become a partner today, and you too can join this army of Holy Spirit filled warriors!

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